Why Indian Springs?
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Why Indian Springs
A Passion for Learning
Lifelong learning…….
A Respect for Others
Indian Springs is a safe and generous place for young people to live and learn. The idea that each individual brings a unique and valuable dimension to our shared experience drives the relationships in our community.
The Pursuit of Excellence
Indian Springs’s palpable energy comes from striving to meet our own expectations. Seeking to meet the highest standards ­ in performance, athletic competition, artistic expression, leadership activity, intellectual exploration, and in understanding our world ­ is a cultural reality at Indian Springs and a lifelong legacy for our students.

Students Develop Competence, Confidence and Character

Indian Springs students participate in numerous experiences and relationships that ultimately affirm their aptitudes, values and abilities. Indian Springs graduates put their well-developed skills to work in the most competitive colleges in the country and pursue the broadest possible array of advanced studies and professional careers.

Active Learning Environment, In and Out of the Classroom

Acutely aware that every encounter affects a young person’s development, faculty consciously surrounds students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, not only during class and during their extensive extracurricular lives but also within their social lives.

Develops Creative and Critical Thinkers

The mutual respect among faculty and students at Indian Springs inspires ­ even demands ­ the free flow of ideas and analysis that both groups find intellectually stimulating. Identifying your own ideas, expressing them effectively, and learning how to disagree, are core skills shaped at Indian Springs

Prepared to Live By Our Motto, "Who they are"

Indian Springs has always believed and developed strong, independent, confident thinkers. Every student who graduates from Indian Springs comes out with a clear sense of who they are, what their world is about and how to contribute.