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At Indian Springs we follow the Individual Learning Process (ILP) where our talented faculty focuses on individual student to help him/her develop the skill necessary. Every student desires and deserves individual attention.  At Indian Springs, every student gets that from their teachers who are their friends, philosophers and guides.

 As one student says, “You get rigor, but more important, you get fascination.” Academics at Indian Springs reflect our mission to inspire a lifelong love of learning in each and every student.

One of the first things you’ll notice about our classes: students and teachers are genuinely caught up in the excitement and momentum of learning. With our smaller class size the learning environment is intimate, interactive, and inclusive. In all of our classes, students have opinions. They speak up. They disagree. They learn from their teachers—and from one another.

By design, the academic program at Indian Springs is both flexible and broad: each student works closely with an advisor to plan a balanced program of study. Since we know our students well, we can guide them in the direction that best fits their interests, ambitions, and passions.